Rules and Regulations


  • The pricing and information contained within the Alderlea Rental Rates and this document are subject to change without notice
  • Prices are subject to HST


  • Alderlea Rental Rates
  • Catering costs are in addition to the Alderlea Rental Rates. Clients must contact the caterers directly for quotes and services.
  • The Alderlea venue fee includes the following:
    • Access to the Outside Grounds, the Parlour, the Pavilion and the Chisholm Room
    • Chiavari chairs and banquet tables (including set-up and tear down)
    • City of Brampton Representative on-site for the duration of event
    • Consultation meeting with Facility Support Associate
    • Photo shoot permit fees (for social and corporate events)
    • Key access toa safe
    • Easels/Flip chart stand
    • Podium
    • Adjustable lighting system
    • In-house audio-visual equipment (e.g. wireless microphones, projector, screen etc.) 
    • One final details meeting with Facility Support Associate and Facility Technician Lead (maximum 1 week prior to event)


  • In order to reserve your date:
    • Signed and submitted copy of the request for reservation form
    • Signed, initialed and submitted event rules and regulations
  • Payment structure for events booked more than thirty (30) days in advance consists of:
    • Signed rental Agreement and 20% non-refundable deposit within ten (10) business days of Agreement being issued
    • Remaining balance required thirty (30) days prior to the event date
    • $307.50 damage deposit required thirty (30) days prior to the event date
  • Payment structure for events booked less than thirty (30) days before the event date consists of:
    • Signed rental Agreement and balance including $307.50 damage deposit must be paid in full upon booking
  • Bookings may only be made up to one (1) year in advance unless approved by the Director or designated Department Representative


    A 20% non-refundable deposit is required for all bookings. Failure by the Agreement Holder to return this Agreement signed and with the applicable non-refundable deposit within ten (10) days of the Agreement being issued to that person will result in cancellation of the reservation of the Facility. The Agreement balance is required thirty (30) days prior to the use of the Facility or as outlined on the Agreement. Failure to comply with this payment requirement shall result in the cancellation of the use of any unpaid dates or times at the Facility.


    • The Agreement Holder is responsible for leaving the facility in the same condition as it was when they entered onto it
    • A damage deposit of $307.50 is required thirty (30) days prior to the event date. The damage deposit will be returned to the Agreement Holder following the event, provided that the area is left clean and free of damage; additional charges may apply
      • Receipt of the refunded amount may take up to five (5) business days for credit card payments and up to six (6) weeks for cash/debit/cheque payments


    Agreement Holders who owe funds to the City will not be considered for any future rental requests until their account has been paid in full.


    The City reserves the right to cancel this Agreement without notice or reimbursement should there be a breach of any terms of this Agreement or any conditions or regulations related to the use of the Facility; should the Department be of the opinion that the premises are not being used exclusively for the purpose specified on the Agreement; for emergency purposes; If the use poses a safety risk or may in any way conflict with City By-laws, policies, or the reputation the City. The Agreement Holder agrees that upon such cancellation there will be no claim or right to any damages, or reimbursement on account of any loss, damage, or expense whatsoever. The City also reserves the right to cancel any booking on short notice for purposes including (but not limited to): special events, conflicting bookings; bookings made under a false pretence, mechanical problems; or weather conditions. Under such circumstance, the City will reimburse the Agreement Holder of any associated payments made previously to the City but not those that have been incurred to a third party.


    The Agreement Holder must notify the designated Department representative in writing two (2) weeks in advance of the confirmed booking date of any cancellation. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the full amount paid to the City. Refunds requested in accordance with this clause will be made up to 80% of the contracted price, at the discretion of the designated Department representative. The Agreement Holder must notify the designated Department representative in writing two (2) weeks in advance of the confirmed booking date to request to reschedule. The City and the Agreement Holder may agree where reasonable to transfer the date of the function up to one (1) year from the original date or, retain the deposit in the name of the client, to be applied for a future new event booking.


    The issuance of this Agreement does not guarantee the Agreement Holder booking priority for future individual or seasonal rentals or the future us of the facility.


        • The Agreement Holder is permitted to have one (1) final details meeting with family, friends and/or vendors prior to their event for one (1) hour during regular business hours. Final details meetings are by appointment only. Please contact the Facility Support Associate to set up an appointment. Drop in visits will not be accommodated
        • Rehearsals are not considered a walkthrough and regular fees will apply for the use of Alderlea for rehearsals


        • If an event is booked for the full day, Agreement Holder and applicable vendors (with the exception of the Alderlea caterers) have access to Alderlea from 10:00am – 1:00am which includes the clients set-up and tear-down
        • If an event is booked for six (6) hours or less, Agreement Holder and applicable vendors (with the exception of the Alderlea caterers), have access to Alderlea during the time period indicated on the contract, which includes the client’s set-up and tear-down
        • All equipment, décor and persons must be off the premises at the end time as stated on the Agreement or an overtime fee of $358.75/hour may be charged


        • The Agreement Holder shall obtain Commercial General Liability insurance, at their own expense, with an inclusive limit of not less than $5 million per occurrence for high risk category activities, against all claims, and shall provide the City with proof of insurance coverage on a form provided by the City
        • Insurance can be provided through the Agreement Holder’s own Insurance Policy or purchased through the City’s Liability Insurance Program


        • Saturday rentals can only be booked for the full day; full day rental rates will apply


        • Photo/video shoot requests for a Saturday will only be confirmed the week of the requested date when available
        • Drones are not permitted on the premises


        • Catering costs are in addition to the Alderlea Rental Rates
        • Alderlea has three (3) Caterers/Event Specialists to service and plan all events and are the only caterers permitted to cater (food/beverage) for events held at Alderlea
        • Outside caterers are not permitted
        • Event food and beverage are not permitted on the outside premises of Alderlea or in the parking lot
        • A 15% Landmark Levy on the cost of food, beverage and catering staff will be added by the caterer to the catering invoice


        • Admission fees may be charged by the Agreement Holder in order to attend a private event held at Alderlea, with approval by the Director, Facilities Operations and Maintenance or Designate


        • The selling of goods and services is not permitted at Alderlea


        • Clients are welcome to provide their own DJ/live entertainment. To maintain the integrity of our space, clients/DJ/entertainment services are required to use the Alderlea in-house AV/speaker system and are not permitted to bring in their own speakers
        • The Agreement Holder is responsible for any music licensing costs in connection with this Agreement as collected on behalf of the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) and remitted by the City of Brampton to the applicable organization, if any music, live or pre-recorded, is played at any event.
        • During your event, we ask that you keep the music volume moderate due to the City of Brampton Noise By-Law 93-84. City of Brampton staff reserves the right to adjust the volume as necessary
        • Music must end at the conclusion of your event or by 1:00am


        • Clients are welcome to provide their own rental/décor vendors
        • Decorations may be used in Alderlea and must be adhered to with non-permanent adhesives
        • Decorative structures may be permitted inside Alderlea, with approval, and only if the roof is uncovered and does not pose a fire hazard
        • Only decorative structures that are not required to be staked into the ground may be permitted on the outside premises of Alderlea, with approval
        • Set-up and tear-down of all décor items is the responsibility of the Agreement Holder. It is the responsibility of the Agreement Holder to remove all décor items including personal items before they vacate the premises at the conclusion of the event
        • Rice, glitter, loose petals and confetti are not permitted on the premises
          • An additional $256.25 clean-up fee will apply if rice, glitter, loose petals or confetti are used

        OPEN FLAME

        • Open flame is not permitted inside Alderlea or on the premises at any time. Battery operated candles are an excellent alternative and can be rented through our approved caterers for a nominal fee
        • Fireworks and sparklers are not permitted


        • Smoking is not permitted inside Alderlea. Designated areas for smoking are set-up outside Alderlea (see Smoke Free By-Law 115-99)


        • The Agreement Holder shall obtain written approval from the designated Department representative, prior to obtaining a liquor permit, if alcohol will be consumed and/or sold on City property and shall abide by any conditions indicated
        • Alcohol may be consumed inside Alderlea (with an appropriate Special Occasion Permit)
        • Alcohol is not permitted on the outside premises of Alderlea or in the parking lot
        • The Agreement Holder will submit to the City of Brampton proof of permit no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the event. The Agreement Holder shall comply with the Liquor License Act, Municipal Alcohol Policy, and any other applicable laws and municipal policies and/or by-laws dealing with alcohol consumption and/or sale on City property. The Alderlea caterers will assist in obtaining the applicable license/permit for your event


        • Alderlea has 23 parking spaces and 4 accessibility spaces. Overflow parking may be made available at City Hall; parking fees may apply
        • Guests are not permitted to leave their vehicle overnight in the Alderlea parking lot. If vehicles are required to be left overnight, they must be moved to Brampton City Hall or West Tower prior to the event start (charges may apply)


        • Security and/or paid-duty Police Officers may be required at certain functions, at the Agreement Holder’s expense, which will be determined by The City of Brampton’s Security Services
        • The City of Brampton has the right to remove and ban any person or persons from the property due to excessive intoxication, physical or verbal abuse towards staff or guests, and vandalism
        • The City of Brampton has the right to monitor for compliance on the occupancy numbers of the facility
        • The City of Brampton is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items either on the premises or in the parking lot

        COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures

        • The Agreement Holder must keep attendance limited by the Ontario Provincial Order
        • All staff, vendors, Agreement Holder and guests will abide by proper social distancing requirements (2m or 6ft)
        • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by all staff, vendors, Agreement Holder and guests (masks and gloves where appropriate)
        • Awareness raising signage will be posted in common areas (hallways, washrooms, elevators, lobbies, kitchens) to communicate social distancing and precautionary measures with staff, vendors, clients and guests
        • Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout all facilities ensuring that all entrances and exterior washroom areas
        • Sanitization and disinfection of all equipment and high touch point areas in-between weddings following the Facilities Operations and Management protocol
        • The Agreement Holder, guests, staff and vendors will follow the one-direction flow in and out the building
        • If a staff member, client, vendor or guest feels unwell or exhibits any COVID-19 symptoms, they will be isolated in the Morning Room with both doors closed and will exit through the historic red front door
        • In the case of an emergency or fire alarm, all staff, vendors, clients and guests will evacuate the building via the designated exit doors, walking in an orderly fashion and proceed to Elizabeth St. (the designated assembly area) and physically distance (2m or 6ft)